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May 2017

Darrington Strong General Meeting, May 17, 2017

Where People Go Who Want To Know

Notice: New Meeting Location Will Be At The Darrington Library Meeting Room

Starting in June !


President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions

Treasurer Report: Steve Somsen – The balance is $17,159.49 inclusive of all DS Divisions & Committees.  The DS Parent fund is $686.62

Division Reports:

·         DARA – No report

·         FFPU – Martha reported that they're expecting a big turnout for National Trail Day.  Linda & Marla have agreed to help serve the dinner again.  Thank you both!  It is looking hopeful that we have found a Geo Tech Engineer to go look at the Circle Creek Road.

·        FNM – Rick reported that there was still snow on the road to the lookout but has been melting pretty fast. They'll be organizing this season's work-parties soon. The goal will be to open the lookout as a rental by 2018.

Committee Reports:

·         Darrington Business Round Table – JoAnn reported that there has been ongoing work organizing the Darrington Street Fair for the Darrington Day Celebration.  She is hoping to get more musicians and vendors.

·         Visual Impact, Dot Park – Martha reported on a lot of planting projects that have been happening at the park!  We've had two work-parties with the Darrington Outdoor Club and the Darrington Girl Scouts.

·        Darrington Videos is going to be a new committee headed by Ken Milton.  We will be starting a Discover Darrington YouTube which will be populated with useful videos such as aerial videos of our grounds for rent, beautiful Darrington videos such as waterfalls, Whitehorse Trail and more.  Thank you Ken for stepping up and taking on this project

Other Reports:

·         Ashley gave a report for the upcoming Darrington Library events.  Harry Potter turns 20 years old this year and the library will be having fun events to commemorate this special birthday.  There's always something fun going on at our library!


Discussion: Moving The Darrington Strong General Meetings to a new location – Roselie led the discussion.  After examining moving our meeting place to the Darrington Library Meeting Room it seemed it would have more of what we need.  Some advantages of meeting at the library would be:

·        Having audio visual equipment

·        Seating everyone around tables

·        More visibility

It was supported by our general membership to move our meeting place the the library starting in June.


Our Next Meeting is June 21, 2017

In Attendance:
Ken Milton

JoAnn Milton

Roselie Rasmussen

Paul Wagner

Ron Wolff

Rick Knight
Nels Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund

Linda Smith

Martha Rasmussen
Charlie Duncan

We would like to thank our special guest from Congresswoman Susan DelBene's office for coming and wanting to learn more about Darrington!