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Darrington Strong General Meeting

March 15, 2017

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions

Steve gave the treasury report of $17,094.99 inclusive of all divisions and committees

Division Reports:

  • DARA - Kevin reported that Walt has nearly completed the comments for the proposed Grizzly Recovery.  The comment period for this has been extended to April 28th.

  • FFPU – Martha reported that they will be doing a survey of forest road systems for recreational use, destinations, cultural, road needs and more.

  • FNM – Rick reported that FNM, DNR & USFS had a meeting and planned strategies for 2017.  The goal will be to open the lookout as a rental by 2018.

Committee Reports:

  • Darrington Business Roundtable – JoAnn reported that the DBR will be organizing a street fair on Darrington Street for the Darrington Day Celebration.

  • Darrington Performing & Visual Arts, DPVA, will be having a Darrington Stories Walking Tour as a fund raiser for the arts.

Other Darrington Strong Reports:

  • New DS project, Sauk River Reserve – Steve & Martha discussed this proposed project and how creating a trail system east of town will increase potential marketing to attract visitors during the off season.  It will also be a nice destination for locals to enjoy.  Currently there is still a lot of research to do.

  • Ride to Remember Oso, March 19, 2017 – Rick Knight reported that there had been a lot of help with project.  The Darrington Fire Department will be cooking up hotdogs and Darrington Horse Owners Assoc. are serving stuffed baked potatoes.  It is suppose to be sunny on the day of the event!

  • Field-trip to see locally produced and value added products:  The focus for this is a great excuse to have fun touring local farms selling their products and retail efforts selling their merchandise such as gourmet grocery, Bellingham chocolatier and more.


What is a Darrington itinerary and how to create itineraries that will attract visitors to town as well as show locals what their home town has to offer.
Members Attending:

Ken Milton

JoAnn Milton

Martha Rasmussen

Steve Somsen

Lavinia Bryson

Roselie Rasmussen

Tony Gobroski

Rick Knight

Nels Rasmussen

Marla Skaglund

Linda Smith

Ashley Bryson

Kevin Ashe

Gordy Beil

Ron Wolff
Guest Attending:

Gary Willis

Lisa Yandle