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January 2017

Darrington Strong General Meeting
January 18, 2017

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions

Steve gave a treasury report of $2*,***.49, inclusive of all divisions

Division Reports:

  • DARA, Darrington Area Resource Advocates - Judy Pendergrass gave report of paving the Mountain Loop Highway receiving funding for a feasibility study.

  • FFPU, Friends For Public Use - Martha Rasmussen reported that Save Circle Creek Road will be launching a big fund raiser to pay for engineer and hopefully move forward on repairs needed.  Partners on this project are DARA, FFPU & RRT (River Resource Trust).

  • FNM, Friends of North Mountain - Rick Knight reported that FNM will be having a meeting with the Darrington Ranger District, DNR, FFPU and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

Committee Reports:

  • Visual Impact - Rick & Martha reported that things are still pretty much on hold due to the weather.  Trees for the new Darrington Pocket Park have been selected and are being held at local nurseries.

  • Darrington Business Roundtable – JoAnn Milton reported that their new group will be having their second meeting and there has been quite a bit of interest from local businesses.

  • Events: Darrington Day Celebration - Martha reported that the new date for the Darrington Day Celebration will be July 22, 2017.  This put the event close to when Darrington filed for its name, July 22, 1891.  It will also be warmer!  Lavinia introduced the new The Darrington Stories Walking Tour which will become part of the Darrington Day Celebration.  This will be a fund raiser for the arts

Other Darrington Strong Reports:

  • Sauk River Reserve – Steve Somsen spoke about some parcels of land east of town set aside for developing a trail system.  Oak Rankin discussed how Glacier Peak Institute was working on this project but felt like this project needed to be taken on by another organization.  Darrington Strong will be considering taking on this project.

Other Reports:

  • Ride to Remember Oso, March 19, 2017 – Rick Knight discussed the plans for this upcoming event.  This first time event will be coordinated by the City of Arlington, Town of Darrington, B.I.K.E.S. Snohomish County and more.  This event is affiliated with the America's Best Communities Arlington-Darrington.
  • Oso Disaster Preparedness – Marla Skaglund reported that Oso has begun holding disaster preparedness meetings and wanted to encourage Darrington to also be involved in this process.  Martha & someone from the Darrington Fire District will be attending the next meeting.

Our speaker: Amy Lucas with Snohomish County Parks & Recreation: Amy gave an update on the Whitehorse TrailWonderful progress is being made on the trail.  She then shared how Snohomish County will be looking into the feasibility of restoring tracts of public land as active timberlands and engaging in thinning. Two nearby locations considered for this is the Whitehorse Community Park on North Mountain & the Fortson trailhead on the Whitehorse Trail. The goals for this project is to restore forest health, the needs of fish & wildlife habitat, trail enhancements and generate needed revenues.  This will also greatly affect the quality of our parks!

In Attendance:
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Lavinia Bryson
Steve Somsen
Ron Wolff
Gordy Biel
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Nels Rasmussen
P.J. Wieferich
Amy Lucas

Oak Rankin