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February 2017

Darrington Strong Meeting
February 15, 2017

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions:

Steve gave a treasury report of $2*,***.30, inclusive of all divisions

ABC Briefing -Judy Pendergrass brought us up to date with the America's Best Communities Arlington-Darrington.  This has been a very long process and Judy has put many hours into this and it was our honor to present her with flowers as a simple Thank You!  At this time the Darrington Pocket Park is moving forward.  Beautiful historical window covering will be covering several windows around town.  IGA will have some,  the old bakery and old hardware store on Darrington Street.  You can see some these already installed on the old hardware store.  One of the grand finales will be the Ride to Remember Oso - Rick updated that event, everything is moving forward on this project and Maggie from Arlington is now the main coordinator.

Division Reports:

  • DARA, Darrington Area Resource Advocates - Kevin reported that Walt has been very busy compiling a comment for the proposed Grizzly Recovery.  Still waiting to hear more about the Mountain Loop Highway feasibility study.

  • FFPU, Friends For Public Use - Martha reported that after the last heavy rains no damage on roads was reported.

  • FNM, Friends of North Mountain - Rick stated everything is on hold until the snow is gone and could be a late startup season.

Committee Reports:

  • Darrington Business Roundtable - JoAnn Milton reported that their business group is planning a Darrington Street Fair for the Darrington Day Celebration.

  • Events: Darrington Day Celebration - Martha reported that the Darrington Day Celebration needed to change their date again and the date is now July 15, 2017.  Concerns were being made about having this event during the Darrington Bluegrass Festival so it was moved to the Saturday before the festival still keeping close proximity to the date Darrington got its name, July 22, 1891.

Other Reports:

  • Library - Ashley gave her report on all the fun activities planned for February.  She discussed the future business classes the library will be offering and handed out forms to fill out if you were interested in attending.  These classes will be for both the current business owner wanting to do better and supplying needed knowledge base for the new business owner just starting out.

Discussion: Grizzly Recovery for our surrounding area.  Sharing some of the research that had been done and findings that the Grizzly promotional materials have been somewhat misleading.

In Attendance:
Marla Skaglund
Kevin Ashe
Martha Rasmussen
Gordy Biel
Ron Wolff
JoAnn Milton
Ken Milton
Nels Rasmussen
Lavinia Bryson
P.J. Wieferich
Judy Pendergrass