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April 2017

Darrington Strong General Meeting

April 19, 2017


President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions

Steve gave the treasury report of $17059.27 inclusive of all divisions and committees

Division Reports:

·      DARA – No report

·      FFPU – Martha reported that a trip is being planned to go check & clear the Circle Creek Road.  National Trail Day is coming up on June 3rd and need help with the potluck to feed the volunteers.  Linda said she will help on National Trail Day.

·      FNM – Rick reported that there was still snow on the road to the lookout.  They'll be gearing up for future work parties for the season soon.  The goal will be to open the lookout as a rental by 2018.

Committee Reports:

·      Darrington Business Roundtable – JoAnn reported that the DBR will be organizing a street fair on Darrington Street for the Darrington Day Celebration.  One of the fun activities will be “Dunk The Mayor” at the dunk tank.

·      Visual Impact, Dot Park – Martha reported on a lot of planting projects coming up and two of the five dogwood trees are now planted for the future dogwoods grove.  The flowering cherry was pruned by Roselie and looks great!

Other Reports:

·        Head Ranger Peter Forbes discussed the proposed relocation of Mountain Goats to the Darrington Ranger District.

·        Ashley gave a report for the upcoming Darrington Library events

·        Martha passed around the suggested Darrington Itineraries which were submitted

·         Roselie discussed incorporating TED Talks into future Darrington Strong meetings


Guest Speaker Mark Lovejoy:  North Mountain Bike Trails – Whitehorse Park

Mark shared his long passion of mountain biking, trail building and a dream come true to manage the project to build the future mountain bike trails on North Mountain.  His enthusiasm for the project was contagious!  This trail system will someday be the biggest legal Mountain Bike Trail System in the USA!  As an extension of the project the group has now been working out some possible primitive camping with Snohomish County at the Whitehorse Park also located on North Mountain.

In Attendance:

Nels Rasmussen
Linda Smith
Steve Somsen
Gordy Beil
Roselie Rasmussen
Marla Skaglund
Ron Wolff
Peter Forbes
Rick Knight
Marla Skaglund
Ken Milton
JoAnn Milton

Martha Rasmussen