June 2015

Darrington Strong Minutes

Steve Somsen conducted the meeting with introductions

Steve gave a treasury report of:
$*,***.** – DABA
$*,****.** – Darrington Strong
$*,***.** – Friends for Public Use
 $*,***.**– Friends of North Mountain
with a total of $*,***.**.

Martha reported on the Darrington Day Celebration and the improvements that could be implemented. Suggestions included a marathon, dog show, auto show, wagon train and other good ideas.  Rick Knight will be organizing a marathon to be held in 2016 which could tie in with the Darrington Day Celebration.

Kevin reported the County and Forest Service are negotiating maintenance of the remaining 14 miles to be paved on the Mountain Loop Hwy. The Fish and Game Dept. have hired a new official who will be making new decisions.

Steve reported on the progress of the work being done on the North Mountain Lookout. The roof is done, 2 Repeater houses removed, work on the catwalk began, westside wall replaced and foundation work began. More needs to be done.

Steve led a discussion on how a thriving Darrington would look and the other improvements planned. Lavinia said the Planning Dept. is working with the County on making green space along Darrington St. Painting the various buildings in town was discussed. Several members described the positive projects that are being completed and the continuation of future projects.

Steve adjourned the meeting

In Attendance:
Linda Smith
Ron Wolff
Gordy Biel
Martha Rasmussen
Sylvia Stauffer
Steve Somsen
Lavinia Bryson
JoAnn Melton
Tony Gobroski
Rick Knight
Kevin Ashe
Paul Wagner
Marla Skaglund

Ken Melton