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Historical Interpretive Projects

Historical artifacts depicting Darrington and Tribal history are being collected and or promised for this project.  The artifacts being collected represent mining, logging,  farming and Tribal history which are all a very important part of our heritage.  Once the collection is displayed we will add a self guided educational cyber tour explaining how these very important items were once used.  We will also be including the Forest Service Canoe Shed & Pioneer Road Historical Marker.  Our goal is to create a more inviting town, provide local history for our community and a sense of place where they live.

Gas Donkey Engine - (kitty no included)

At one time the "Donkey" was the all essential piece of equipment for getting large jobs done.  The gas powered donkey engine was used for clearing farm lands, logging and more.  At one time many early families of Darrington had a donkey engine to manage big jobs or knew someone where they could borrow one.  Over the years most of these were sold for scrap and today few remain in the area.

Darrington Millpond Boat

This rugged millpond boat use to maneuver the logs around the log-pond at the Darrington Mill.  It has been in storage for many years and Kudos to volunteer Gavin Gladsjo for all of his hard work and dedication it is now restored and ready for display in town.  The next step is to pour a concrete platform to display the millpond boat on.  Display of this artifact as been voted and approved by Darrington Town Council.

Darrington Millpond Boat ready for display

Rustic artwork at the Raymond Carriage Museum
Examples of other projects:
In Raymond, WA, near their carriage museum they have artifacts with steal cutout silhouettes depicting how common items of yesteryear were once used.  We will also be adding steal silhouettes to our artifact displays.

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