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October 2017

Darrington Strong Board Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2017

New Business:
Resignation of Walt Dortch from the Darrington Strong Board.  Due to long absences Walt has resigned from the board.  Discussion followed and this position at this time remains vacant.

Old School Park project short on funds.  The park project will not have enough funds to complete the park landscaping.  The south side curb planters have been dropped from the budget.  The first step in planting these areas is to extend the irrigation to this location. 
  • Rick made a motion to allocate $200.00 from the Visual Impact funds to help cover some of this cost.  This was seconded by Roselie.  All in favor; Rick, Roselie, Steve and Tony.  Opposed, JoAnn.

Mailing list project:
Rick will take on creating / updating the Darrington Strong mailing list.
  • Roselie moved that Darrington Strong create a free Mailchimp account for organizing the email list.  This was seconded by Steve.  Unanimous vote in favor passed.

In Attendance:

President, Martha Rasmussen

Vice President, JoAnn Milton

Treasurer, Stephen Somsen

Rick Knight

Roselie Rasmussen