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June 2019

Darrington Strong General Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2019

The meeting was held at the Darrington Library and president Martha Rasmussen
opened with introductions. Steve Somsen gave the treasurer’s report:
  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank: $19,671.01
  • Membership: 36 active members with 3 due for renewal.
Guest Speakers: Gary Paul & Dawn Erickson gave a Powerpoint presentation on the plans and status of the park project at Fortson Mill.

  • Friends for Public Use: Martha reported on Rat Trap Pass and Circle Creek work parties.
  • Friends of North Mountain: Steve Somsen said that the engineer’s report had just been sent for review. Rick Knight announced the Friends of Fortson general meeting to be held at Carsen Tavenner’s house on Friday.

Committee Reports:
  • Darrington Events: JoAnn Milton reported on upcoming event
  • Visual Impact:  Martha reported that Dot City Park now has irrigation
Other Reports:
  • Darrington 4th of July Parade:  Martha introduced the idea of Darrington Strong representation in the upcoming parade.
  • Whitehorse Trail:  Amy Lucas updated us on the progress of the trail improvements and the status of pending grants.  The brushing crew has moved to phase 3 and there will be a “soft” opening of the trail from Cicero Pond to Swede Heaven Rd on July 27.
  • Mansford Grange:  Gordy Beil reported that they have procured a vehicle for the parade and the use of Old School Park for use after the parade.  He also confirmed that the 100th anniversary of the Mansford Grange is September 14, 11:00 AM-4:00.
  • Darrington Collaborative:  Oak Rankin updated the group on the status of the collaborative funding and activities.
  • Darrington Library:  Asheley  Bryson and reported on upcoming library activities and events.
NEXT MEETING:  July 27, 2019
In Attendance:

Amy Lucas

Asheley Bryson

Dawn Erickson

Gary Paul

Gordy Beil

JoAnn Milton

Ken Milton

Marla Skaglund

Martha Rasmussen

Neil Comeau 

Nels Rasmussen

Paul Wagner

Phyllis Reed

Rick Knight

Ron Wolff

Steve Somsen

Neil Comeau
Oak Rankin
Joanne Ruth
Rob Ruth