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November 2018

Darrington Strong General Meeting

November 21, 2018

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions & Nels Rasmussen gave the treasurer’s report:

  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank:   $19,262.91

  • Membership:  31 members (12 business, 13 community, 1 associate & 5 non-profit).

Guests:  “Misfits” off-road club attended and gave a brief summary of their organization and their desire to support the efforts of Darrington Strong.  Chalamar Nichols announced her fundraising plans for the HWY 530 Slide Memorial.

Division Reports:
  • Friends for Public Use (FFPU):   Martha reported on current road conditions and the role FFPU played in getting the White Chuck Road, #23, reopened. Work was done on the recently repaired Circle Creek Road, #2703, getting it ready for winter.
Committee Reports:
  • Darrington Events:  Joanne Milton updated us on upcoming holiday events and plans for next summer.
Other Reports:
  • Darrington Ranger District:  Peter Forbes updated us on road #27, 28 and other forest access roads.
  • Darrington Fire District:  Drew Bono highlighted activities over the last month as outlined in the flyer he handed out to the group.
  • Oso Women’s Auxiliary:  Marla Skaglund reported on the November 3rd Slide Memorial meeting:  $65K has been raised so far for the memorial.  The RRR dinner raised approx $33,000.00. There is a dinner planned in Seattle at the Marriott in January, 2019 and they are looking for local and regional donations.  There is also a dinner planned for March 3rd.  Grant applications were also discussed.

Good of the Order: Martha gave an update in accepting a new Darrington Strong Committee, Friends of Fortson

Discussion:  Our next meeting we will be having a Meet and Greet so more people will know about Darrington Strong and the projects we bring to our community

In Attendance:

Dave Bell

Drew Bono

Gordy Beil

JoAnn Milton

Ken Milton

Marla Skaglund

Martha Rasmussen

Nels Rasmussen

Peter Forbes

Ron Wolfe

Rick Knight

NEXT MEETING:  January 16, 2019

Chalamar Nichols
John Hoad
Teri Hoad
Whitney Bowles