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August 2018

Darrington Strong General Meeting Minutes

August 15, 2018

President Martha Rasmussen opened the meeting with introductions:

Treasures Report - Steve Somsen

  • Grand total of three accounts at Coastal Community Bank:   $19,562.82

  • Membership:  38 members (17 business, 14 community & 7 non-profit)

Division Reports:
  • Friends (FFPU):  Martha updated us on improvements to local roads; pothole filling and culvert repair being the order of the day.  Peekaboo trail road needs brushing out on the last mile.
  • Friends of North Mountain:  Discussion about the upcoming work party this weekend.
  • Darrington Area Resource Advocates (DARA):  Martha discussed the Mt Loop feasibility study and announced the upcoming meetings in Darrington and Granite Falls.
Committee Reports:
  • Darrington Events: JoAnn Milton said she is organizing next year’s street fair committee and potential dates were discussed.  “Trunk or Treat” will happen again this year on October 31. JoAnn also informed us of the successful calendar sales.  Martha announced that there will be a bake sale/farmer’s market and raffle fundraiser for the Darrington Community Center over Labor Day weekend.
  • Darrington Strong Board: Martha reported on items discussed and motions voted on at the board’s last meeting, including support letters for the DIUA, Whitehorse Park and the Whitehorse Trail as well as forming a new committee called “Friends of Fortson”.  Marketing the organization was also discussed.
  • HWY 530 Mudslide Memorial Fundraiser: Martha reminded us of the upcoming fundraising dinner/silent auction at Rhodes River Ranch and solicited volunteers for the September 21 event and the future prospects of a Whitehorse Music Festival fundraiser.
Other Reports:
  • Darrington Library:  Asheley reported that there are three finalists in the running to be the executive director of Sno-Island Libraries and informed us of upcoming programs, speakers, films and parenting classes. 
  • Darrington Collaborative: Anjolene Price updated us on current and future Collaborative projects and grant submittals.   
  • Oso Womans Auxiliary: Marla reported that there will be a Oso firemen’s annual salmon bake and auction at the Oso fire hall on September 8 at 5:00 PM.
  • Darrington Senior Center: Lisa Yandle reported that the senior center thrift store has been very successful and has received tremendous community support.  
President Martha Rasmussen Adjourned the meeting.  Next meeting September 16, 2018

Members present:
Anjolene Price
Asheley Bryson
Gordy Beil
JoAnn Milton
Lisa Yandle
Marla Skaglund
Martha Rasmussen
Nels Rasmussen
Rick Knight
Ron Wolff
Stephen Somsen
Silvia Stauffer