There are a lot of great community projects worth doing, things that would enhance the quality of life for your friends, neighbors, and future generations.  But you might know that sometimes good ideas get stopped by details. Can you accept donations, where do you keep them, who buys the stamps/paper plates/safety vests etc., and if you need to register as a non-profit, how do you get enough people for a board of directors?  Maybe you’d rather spend your time getting stuff done instead of filling out paperwork!  OR, maybe you’d rather spend your time doing the paperwork, internet projects and phone calling, to be the behind the scene person everyone relies on to, Git ‘er done!

It may surprise you to learn that Darrington Strong Inc. is the place for you.  We believe that we are all stronger when we work together, talk to each other and help each other out.  Darrington Strong might be the support you need to make your project or ideas a success.  

When you work through Darrington Strong, Inc. the paper work is already done for you so that you can focus on getting things done.  You come into contact with others who are working to make our community a better place to live, and are facing some of the same challenges as you, and maybe even folks who are working towards a similar goal, people you could collaborate with to increase everyone’s chance of success.

If you are already part of a dynamic local group, by participating with Darrington Strong you’d have the chance to share what’s happening with your projects among people who want to hear about it, and maybe even find helpers for a special project that needs more community involvement.  

         If you are from out of the area, but can relate to the plight of rural, small town America it might interest you to know that we are engaged in new and innovative projects which, if successful, could become a template for other rural communities to follow. We invite you to be a part of it!

Please join with us and add your power to support the non-profit that’s 100% local and invested in the Darrington community 100% of the time.

Together we are all DARRINGTON STRONG!

Darrington Strong, Inc. is a not for-profit corporation in the state of Washington (501c 4) with the goal of revitalizing our beloved community and making it a place where families can live, work and play.  Meetings are the third Wednesday of every month, 7 pm at the Darrington Library Meeting Room, on Cascade Street.

100% Of All Donations To Darrington Strong, Inc. are reinvested in community projects and community Improvements!